Year 5/6 C believing and achieving together.

"Learning, succeeding and growing stronger together."

Hi every body!


Hi every body,


First of all I’d just like to say well done to Katy for her poem about the colour red. What else have you been up to in class? I’ve got to do an entry of a poem in my new local library and I might use the idea of a colour poem or I might do one of my original poems that I did back in Wigan.


Has every - one enjoyed their sats? All I know is my maths and ive got a 5b in that. I’m just waiting for the results and then I’ll post them to you.

I’ve still got that memory in my head of you all and I hope you will all find a way of keeping in touch with me! I hope the people who have stayed in touch will not loose that contact with me. My brother is now in y11 officially because of the way it runs up here. He’s already done two GCSE’s in science. (don’t worry though im not in y6,im still in good old y5!)


Got to go now and hope to see you all soon!


Faye xxx

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my colour poem


The colour is red !
Red is the colour when we’re in bed.
The colour that people in the war bled.

The rage in your eyes,
As your temperature fry’s!

A red rose on a grave;
That no one can save.

The colour of a beating heart
like the colour when the sun sets,
when the sun says goodbye and
lets , the moon takeover.

The colour of the blazing fire that destroys all.

The smell of an erupting volcano.
The type of dress you’d wear at a ball.

Reds the colour on the blade of the knife.
Red flows around your body as
your wasting your life.

Red is the taste of death on your tongue.

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I’ve returned for the day!


did you lot enjoy today? hope so! who really didn’t know about it? im back up in the lakes now see you hopes later on in the year!

faye xxxx

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Hi Hindley Green!


Hi every body.

I’m kind of settled in and have made some new friends. I’ve text Katy to ask how your all doing off my mums phone but I might as well ask you all now, how you doing?  How are you especially Ethan, Amelia, Caitlin, Katie, Asha, Leila and of course Katy who needs to text me back yeah you Katy! You WILL recive a letter hopefully soon but till then I’ll just have to use the blog.  Now if you are reading this and your about to cry don’t especially you Ethan.  Guess what guys.  Go on guess.  We watched a film in class today and it didn’t pause once!  Amazing eh.  But my main point is even though we get a good signal round here my new school is nowhere as good as yours you lucky things.  Please stay in touch over the blog or by letter but not by phone cos my mum will lose all of her credit as well as me!  By the way I read your story Caitlin last night but then couldn’t post this yet because I was to busy crying.  So remember stay strong for me yeah.


Its your friend and mine…….


Faye xxx

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A BIG Thank-You


Firstly, on behalf of one of my dearest friends; Faye, I would like to say a BIG thank-you to every-one who made her last day and her leaving party something to remember.

And last of all to those who voted for me to go forward for the eco committee. Hopefully I will do a good a job as Faye did and make the school and community a cleaner, greener environment.



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100 word challenge


I had been in bed for hours. Lying there helplessly.

After some time, I dozed into a deep sleep. I dreampt and dreampt of a girl; laughing with her friends. As quick as a flash, a liitle wooden box appeared. Her friends kept back but she crept closer and closer and closer to the peculiar box. It was beckoning her.

“It’s alright,”She reassured them, but when she lifted the lid she was dragged in, screaming for help. The other little girls forgot about her in no sooner than a second. She had gone forever, taking her screams with her. Although they still heard her.

And then I woke up.

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Good-bye Faye!!!


Sadly, this year, on the 21st of March, we are saying our good-byes to Faye; who is probably one of the best students in Mr. Clegg’s class. She is an excellent writer, mathematician and reader, but, she is the greatest friend ever!!! Although she is leaving and me, her and Katie can no longer be K.F.C., she will always be in our hearts as our friend. She will be leaving to Cartmel, in the Lake District, and will be sadly missed, but for now, let’s enjoy the time we all have as a class. Y5/6C will not be the same without her.

Dear Faye,

You will be sadly missed when your gone, but hopefully, you will get in touch with us all, one way or another. Let’s enjoy the few weeks as K.F.C. before you go.



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100 word challenge


I ran all the way down the little path, clutching my shiny ticket tightly in one hand. In the distance, I saw a magical glowing green light that was reflecting on a wooden tree house. People were queing for miles and miles, their tickets glistening in the dark air of the night. Soon, I was at the front of the long line of excited people. I was there. I was ready to go inside the wonderful building. My spectacles became foggy and I could no longer see anything. It beckoned me to go inside but I couldn’t loosen my stiff legs. I was stuck.

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100 word challenge


“Over the past few weeks, all the churches in the country have done a special service. The only problem is that the orb, that was passed round all the churches has gone missing. I would like all the vicars, bishops and techers to have meeting.” The Queen said on the television on the last day of February.

The next day, meetings were held across the country to find an answer. The Queen did another speech saying that the most approved answer was from Hindley Green. The police searched the country, top to bottom trying to find the missing orb, but, unfortunately, they didn’t have any luck at all. It remained missing.

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New challenge


Please check out the new page I’ve created it’s for the 500 word challenge from Radio 2 please have a go, there are prizes to be won. Let me know what you think, Caitlin has already set the ball rolling with a fantastic entry(which I’ve posted on the blog) have a look at previous entries and scout for some inspiration. Good luck and get writing…..

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